The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Although I don’t always travel solo, I do have some advice for when I do (although this can be useful with others also).

  • Apps:
  1. an app that you can meet people around you and find recommendations
  2. an app that you can download maps when you have wifi or LTE service and then use when you don’t have access to service-this one has gotten me back to my car on several occasion
  3. bumble has an option to switch to BFF mode, where you can meet people looking for friends in your current location
  • Safety:
  1. Hotel/Airbnb safety-obviously I use whatever locks are on the door but I also bring a door stop (plastic ones I got for $3 at Walmart) as a back up precaution
  2.  I bought a flashlight from that has a built in stun gun.  I carry this with me whenever I hike solo. Here’s the link:
  3. Bear bells-also useful to make noise when hiking in an area populated with bears.  Generally they only attack when surprised (or threatened) so the bells help with noise and not startling them.
  • Photography: Sometimes if I’m looking for one quick shot and there are people around I’ll ask someone who looks they have the same phone (iphone) as me to take it. But I also have a selfie stick as well as a tripod. I found a tripod with a clicker is easy to set up and you can get as many different shots as you want without having to ask someone else-assuming there’s even someone else around.
  • Meeting people: Other than the apps above staying at a hostel or walking around town is a good way to meet other travelers or locals. Some of the hostels have group activities like pub crawls, etc.
    • There are also tours you can take–day trips or multi day trips which make it pretty easy to meet others. I find that it’s nice to have someone to get a drink with or explore with for a few hours to break up the “soloness.”
    • I generally sit at the bar for dinner, as do other solo people, so I will talk to people this way. At the very least the bartender is always a good person to talk to.

Solo travel isn’t for everyone. But I ended up trying it out because I wanted to do some things my travel buddies didn’t and loved it. I would recommend trying a short trip and seeing how you like it and then do a longer one if so. I would say by about 10-12 days it starts to get lonely for me…so find your sweet spot. Don’t over extend yourself-you can just wonder and explore, that’s the beauty of solo travel, you’re only on your timeline. Have your guard up, watch for different country’s scams, watch for pickpockets, don’t even leave your drink alone, don’t drink too much if you’re alone, and heed any warnings about altitude and sun.

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” — Robin S. Sharma, author and inspirational speaker


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